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Time to discover the world

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Discover the world through its traditions, foods and flavours. Discover the world with Slow Food Planet.

Travelling in India, on vacation in Barcelona, on a romantic trip to Venice—find precious tips and suggestions to enjoy wherever you are through its flavors in the company of Slow Food.

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Time to Eat

To delight the palate at a selection of restaurants, osterias, pizzerias, bistros, tapas bars and so on.

Time for Me

To chill out in elegant cafés or tea rooms, pubs or cocktail bars. Not to mention bookshops, museums and nature reserves.

Time for Buying

Shopping in craft workshops, at farmers’ markets or directly from producers to snap up the local specialties.

Whatever you want

Whatever suits your fancy. Dining at a classic restaurant or enjoying street food at kiosk. Sipping coffee or cocktails. Or shopping at small shops or directly from producers. Buying charcuterie or chocolate.
The "Type", "Atmosphere", and "Products" buttons will take you to the right place for you.

I’ll take you!
Slow Food tips when you need them

The "I’ll take you!" function organizes search results to show you the best places for you when you’re using Slow Planet and the ones not to be missed according to Slow Food.

All the information you need at the flick of a finger

Full details in a single entry: photos, address, telephone number, price category, website link, opening times, brief description and map.

Slow Food’s world is your world

It’s lunchtime and you’re in a place you’re unfamiliar with. If you’ve already bought or downloaded the area, visualize the map to see what’s around you. Otherwise, go to the Slow Food Areas section of the main menu and check the area you’re looking for is there. Slow Food Planet is growing all the time. Keep coming back to see which new cities and area we’ve added.